portland oregon desk accessories for the office

Office Envy: 12 Must-Have Desk Accessories Made in PDX

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portland oregon desk accessories for the office

Outfitting Your Workspace in True Stumptown Style

You live in Portland (or would if you could) and you want your life, all of it, to reflect your unique individual Portland style. Why not accessorize your work space as you would your home or your person with these twelve great, Portland-made desk accessories.

1 – Walnut Desktop Speakers and Amp From Grove

Grove crafts each set of their walnut desktop speakers by hand in their Portland workshop, achieving acoustic brilliance through design and craft.

2 – Upcycled Lumber Vases by The Joinery

Local furniture maker The Joinery was trying to figure out what to do with their discarded end pieces of exotic woods when they stumbled upon the idea of turning them into beautiful little flower vases.

3 – Kairos Pens

Every Kairos pen is hand made and unique. Owner and pen craftsman Doug Scott uses hardwoods, vintage plastics, and a variety of other materials to build each pen from the ground up.

4 – Plywerk’s Maggie Photo Stand

What’s more Portland than plywood? (psst…modern plywood was invented here) Nothing! So, mount your frames on a fetching plywood stand called Maggie from Portland manufacturer of all things plywood, Plywerk.

5 – To Do Notepad by Darling Press

You have things to do, right? Otherwise you probably wouldn’t need a desk (or accessories for that desk). Why not write down everything you have to do on a lovely notepad by local letterpress shop and stationer Darling Press.

6 – Ballpoint Pens by Benchmade

If the one-of-a-kind fountain pens made by Kairos are just too much for you. Consider Portland’s other premiere pen maker Benchmade.

7 – WUL Leather Journal

If you have thoughts worth recording, they are worth recording in a serious journal. A journal like the WUL Leather Journal should do the trick nicely.

8 – Desktop Mobiles by Ekko

If you have a thing for the kinetic mobiles of Alexander Calder, but don’t have the nearly half a million dollars they go for at auction just laying around, consider picking up a desktop mobile from local sculpture company Ekko.

9 – Revolution Design House’s Boxcar Electric Lamp

When we roll the clocks back in the fall and the sun sets at four in the afternoon in Portland, you will need a lamp. Illuminate in style with Revolution Design House’s Boxcar Electric Lamp, Edison bulb encouraged, but not mandatory.

10 – The Orox Leather Tray

If you have a tendency to dump your pockets or the contents of your bag onto your desk when you get to the office and then spend ridiculous amounts of time looking for things when you need them, consider staying organized with a stylish leather tray from local leather goods shop Orox.

11 – The Mojave Sandbox from Revolution Design House

Also from local design heroes Revolution Design House, the Mojave Sandbox succulent garden is a planter that requires almost no maintenance, while providing a touch of green to your indoor environs.

12 – Citus Cord Minder

Also from Orox Leather Co. the Citus Cord Minder probably should have headed up our list, because you should deal with the jungle of cords on your desk before you’re allowed to purchase a pair of wood speakers, a planter, or anything else on this list.

Accessorize Yourself in Portland

There you have it: a list of 12 fantastic little desk accessories from local Portland manufacturers. And, when you visit their sites or shops, make sure you investigate further, most of the manufacturers make a wide variety of desk accessories, and it would have been well beyond the scope of this article to talk about them all.

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