the joinery portland oregon handmade furniture

Behind the Scenes With the Woodworking Experts From The Joinery

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the joinery portland oregon handmade furniture

Wood Furniture for Life at The Joinery in SE PDX

Known for producing quality handcrafted furniture with a timeless aesthetic, The Joinery is home to some of Portland’s most talented woodworking professionals. When you visit either of The Joinery’s two showrooms in Portland, you’ll find stunning handmade wood furnishings for the bedroom, dining room, living room, office, and more. The Joinery’s dedication to producing quality products is only rivaled by their dedication to operating the business sustainably, boasting a B-Corp™ certification and having become a regular on its annual Best for the Environment list. We recently visited The Joinery and sat down with owner and CEO, Jon Blumenauer, to get an insider’s look at one of Portland’s most beloved craft furniture institutions.

the joinery portland oregon handmade furniture

How long have you been with The Joinery?

I took over a little over three years ago. I wasn’t looking to buy a company, and I don’t have skills in manufacturing furniture, but I knew the company and the product and it seemed like good opportunity.

For you, what is the most important part of the customer’s experience?

We want to create an exceptional customer experience from the first touch point. From picking up the phone to seeing our products online or in the showroom, all the way to reorder.

What sums up the furniture is simply touching it. Feeling the rounded edge and smoothness. Theres an “ahh” sensation, not just when you see it, but when you touch it. It’s all part of the visceral experience of the furniture. We want the interaction with our team to have that same experience of “this is comfortable and easy and I want to be a part of it”.

the joinery portland oregon handmade furniture

Do you feel that Portland’s growing DIY and maker community has impacted or helped shape The Joinery’s work or company culture?

Respectfully, no. It’s fun to collaborate with others and those connections in the maker community are important to us, but I think we’re pretty driven internally to provide a great product and value.

Are there any major sources of inspiration that push the Joinery’s designers and manufacturers to innovate?

On the design side, one of the key things is a sense of timelessness. Not being trendy, but paying homage to the craft. We also have a lifetime warranty and we want people to want it forever and for their kids to want it as well.

the joinery portland oregon handmade furniture

What sets The Joinery’s furniture apart from other hand-made furniture companies?

I think it’s a visceral experience. It hits the touch, smell, and obviously the visual senses.

I also think there’s a deep connection in the furniture that leads all the way back to person that built it.

What advice would you give to young woodworkers starting their career in Portland?

There are great community resources here available to Oregon woodworkers. ADX is a great one. A lot of folks are on their own, but you can easily get involved in ways that help to hone abilities and gauge your appetite for growing your skills.

the joinery portland oregon handmade furniture

Jon Blumenauer and Cassandra Jackson

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