bike accessories portland oregon

9 Portland-Crafted Bicycle Accessories That Will Have You Cycling in Style

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bike accessories portland oregon

The Gear You Need to Cycle Up

Portland is a city that takes its cycling culture seriously. It’s also a city that takes its maker culture, and supporting locally made goods very seriously. Here’s a list of nine locally made accessories for the cycling life that will put you in the Portland’s version of the fast lane.

1 – City Bikes Buckets

Paniers made from recycled two-and-a-half gallon plastic buckets? Are they locally made by a collectively owned business? Yes, yes they are. It’s hard to get more Portland than City Bikes and harder still to find such a beautiful form following function locally made bike accessory than the City Bikes Bucket.

portland made bicycle accessories pdx cycling

2 – Walnut Studio Leather 6-Pack Frame Cinch

If there’s anything that’s possibly more legitimately Portland than cycling, it’s craft beer. Now you can enjoy both simultaneously with the handcrafted 6-Pack holder from Walnut Studio, another great little Portland company that makes more than just leather goods.

portland made bicycle accessories pdx cycling

3 – The Cargo Box

Have you always wanted to carry kid(s), groceries, small appliances, or whatever around on your bike? Local retailer Splendid Cycles carries a variety of cargo boxes, cargo bikes, and accessories that are just the ticket!

portland made bicycle accessories pdx cycling

4 – The OMDog! Deflector Cargo Bike Fairing

And if cargo and children are less important for you to lug around then your service dog, consider the Portland-made dog fairing from OMDog! It will have your animal riding in safety and style.

portland made bicycle accessories pdx cycling

5 – The Scout 11 Duffle With Bicycle Handlebar Kit From North Street

If paniers aren’t your style, or for days when you just don’t need to lug around a bucket’s worth of stuff, consider picking up the stylish Scout 11 Duffle with a handlebar mounting kit from North Street in Portland.

portland made bicycle accessories pdx cycling

6 – The Inside Ride

Portland isn’t exactly known for its great weather. And in the winter when the sun seems to set closer to four in the afternoon than seven in the evening, getting your saddle time in can be a real problem. If you’re looking for a way to get in a training workout without leaving the house, consider getting yourself a locally manufactured Inside Ride.

portland made bicycle accessories pdx cycling

7 – The Tanner Goods Courier Saddle Bag

If you’re looking for a smaller, under-seat bag, just big enough for your tool kit and a spare tube, the Courier Saddle Bag from Portland’s Tanner Goods is just right for you.

portland made bicycle accessories pdx cycling

8 – The Ultimate Portland Bike Accessory

Alright, one before the end, we get to the product that may be at the oldest and coolest confluence of Portland’s cycling, recycling, and maker cultures, the recycled bike chain bottle opener from Resource Revival.

portland made bicycle accessories pdx cycling

9 – An Opportunity to Get in Near the Ground Floor of Two Movements

Lastly, if you’ve ever dreamed of getting into the bike business, Joe-Bike, a Portland bike store that got into manufacturing cargo bikes because they weren’t thrilled with anything available, is selling their proprietary designs for the ShuttleBug.

portland made bicycle accessories pdx cycling

Barely a Scratch

Our list of nine Portland-made bike accessories barely made a scratch in the surface of all that is good and Portland-made for the city’s cycling community. Get into your local retailers and ask for them to point out what’s locally made; you’ll be amazed.


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