tea hot chocolate non-coffee beverages in portland oregon

Getting Cozy With Portland’s Top 10 Non-Coffee Hot Beverages

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tea hot chocolate non-coffee beverages in portland oregon

Where to Go in PDX When You Want More Than Coffee

Winter in Portland — it’s rainy and cold, and no matter how many decades you’ve spent in the Rose City, a hot beverage would do you well. But, you don’t like coffee, or maybe you’re already more than fully caffeinated. Whatever the reason, here’s a list of where to go for the best non-coffee hot beverages in Portland.

Tea Spots in Portland

1 – Frozen Summit Dong Ding at The Tao of Tea

Over on Southeast Belmont between Thirty-Fourth and Thirty-Fifth you will find a beautiful little teashop boasting one of the city’s best hot tea menus. You’d expect nothing less from the teashop run by importer Tao of Tea. Frozen Summit is perhaps the best oolong tea you can find in the city. Why not have it prepared by the experts.

2 – Jasmine Lily Blooming Tea at the Tower of Cosmic Reflections

A wonderful jasmine green tea from China, wound into a tight little ball that blooms before your eyes in hot water. Contemplate your glass and your surrounding at the teashop, also operated by Tao of Tea, in the Tower of Cosmic Reflections at Portland’s Chinese Garden on Northwest Third.

3 – Irish Breakfast Assam Tea at Townsend’s Montavilla

Irish Breakfast Assam is strong enough to replace your morning coffee. Try it at local tea chain Townsend’s latest Portland shop in Montavilla.

4 – Dragonfly Chai Latte at Bipartisan Café

And if you’re looking for your tea mixed with a blend of spices and frothed up with your choice of milks, walk all the way across Southeast Stark and order up a sweet or spicy Dragonfly Chai Latte at the Bipartisan Café and keep it doubly local.

PDX Hot Chocolate, Hot Cocoa, and Drinking Chocolate

5 – Mexican Hot Chocolate at Jim and Patty’s on Northeast Fremont

If you’ve been around Portland long enough to miss Coffee People and their absolutely transcendent sour cream coffee cake and Mexican mochas, you can relive the nineties on Jim and Patty’s (they used to own Coffee People) on Northeast Fremont.

6 – Drinking Chocolate at Cacao

Downtown, where Seventh meets Burnside, you will find the beautiful little chocolate shop known as Cacao. Inside cacao you will find some of the world’s best chocolate confections and bars, as well as what is arguably the best drinking chocolate in the entire Pacific Northwest.

7 – The Coco Chanel or the Chocolat Chaud at Pix Patisserie

If you like your drinking chocolate thick, dark, and very European, then Pix Patisserie on East Burnside is the place for you.

Hot Drinks for Portland Grown Ups

8 – The Toddy at The Woodsman

If you are looking for the best rendition of something that’s good for what ails ya, no matter what ails ya, the toddy at The Woodsman is the hot drink for you. Made with a hot flame in a vacuum siphon, The Woodsman’s toddy brings together the classic flavors of Apple Jack, Rye, and Maple Syrup and serves them up with lavender.

9 – The Hot Ale Flip at The Sapphire Hotel

Turn the time machine all the way back to the end of the 19th century with the Hot Ale Flip, a concoction made of stout ale, blackstrap rum, fernet, and a whole egg, served hot at The Sapphire Hotel.

10 – The Cider Toddy at Victory Bar

A twist on the classic hot toddy, the cider toddy at Victory Bar brings together hot apple cider, maple cream, and brandy.

Warming You Up From the Inside Out

Well there you have it — ten hot drinks to warm you up when it drizzles and the mercury slips close to the freezing point in Portland. Sure, you may still love the taste of your imported, fair trade shade grown coffee, but sometimes, you may just want to branch out a little bit. Find any of these PDX options, and you certainly will not be disappointed! Drink up and enjoy!

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