best pizza in portland oregon

PDX Pizza Party: Our List of Portland’s 10 Best Slices

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Our Guide to Finding the 10 Best Pizza Slices in Portland

Portland’s a foodie haven for a myriad of cuisines. Thai food? Got it. Authentic (and admittedly not very authentic) tacos? Sure thing. But among Portland’s endless food options, one of the things that the city does best is pizza. Whether you’re searching for deep dish or thin crust, artisan flair or 2am godsend slices, Portland has it all.

Chances are you’ve already tried your fair share of Portland’s finest pizza slices. But in case you’re new to the city, or just catching on to Portland’s affinity of by the slice pizza, here are Portland’s 10 best slices you won’t want to miss.

Babydoll Pizza

This casual PDX pizza joint serves New York-style pies garnished with locally sourced ingredients that make both meat and veggie lovers happy. With slices from $3-$3.50, and pints of regional craft beer for under $5, Babydoll is not only delicious, but also economical. So grab a slice and a brew, and enjoy an evening people watching from their street-side patio. Our slice of choice: pepperoni; always a classic. Duh.

best pizza in portland oregon

Straight From New York

As a late-night pizza joint that doesn’t sacrifice quality, Straight from New York (SFNY) is a godsend to east Portlanders. Our favorite SFNY slice is the pesto veggie, which is consistently loaded with great veggies and flavor every time. Open until 2am, SFNY is the perfect PDX pizza place starting point for any bar crawl on Belmont, but don’t be surprised if you end up back there before the night is over for one more slice.

best pizza in portland oregon

Flying Pie Pizzeria

“Hand-tossed with pride,” Flying Pie is about as classic by-the-slice, old school Portland as it gets. This Montavilla establishment makes a killer BBQ chicken slice, which is talked about by neighborhood locals in reverent, hush tones. For a real neighborhood experience, visit the Academy Theater next door to Flying Pie, where you can grab a slice of Portland pizza, a craft brew, and a movie ticket – all for under $15.

best pizza in portland oregon


We admit it; this one is part of a chain, but it’s a Portland-based chain that proved its commitment to provide locals with great by-the-slice pizza. Stop in one of the Pizzicato locations and grab a kale and Italian sausage slice. It’s a local business doing well, so embrace it.

best pizza in portland oregon

East Glisan Pizza Lounge

Close to 82nd’s Avenue of Roses, East Glisan is the underdog when it comes to Portland pizza. It’s far-east location often falls off the map of pizza connoisseurs, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention it. While the Portland pizza joint serves great pies all day long, if you stop by after 10pm, you can score a $1 slice of cheese over rustic tomato sauce.

best pizza in portland oregon

Scottie’s Pizza Parlor

Looking for another place where you can pick up $1 slices of pizza in Portland? Scottie’s Pizza Parlor on Division serves annual $1 slices each year on their anniversary. But the spot is well worth visiting year-round, and the “So Many Fennel, So Little Time” slice comes highly recommended.

best pizza in portland oregon

Red Sauce Pizza

We can’t get enough of Red Sauce Pizza, the shining star of pizza on NE 42nd Ave. Red Sauce is women-run and deeply invested in partnering with other local farmers and restaurateurs, including Cully’s Side Yard Farm where the two have joined forces to host bike-in movie nights. Throw in a slice of their HOT Nancy pizza (it’s topped with house hot honey and sea salt), and it’s just good ol’ fashioned fun.

best pizza in portland oregon

Bella Pizza

While the slices at Bella Pizza are truly great, the real draw is that there’s never a line at this Alberta Street pizza joint. Order a slice of the day, and linger to enjoy the friendly staff while getting your food in 10 minutes or less as others wait in line for food across the street.

best pizza in portland oregon

Hammy’s Pizza

Vegans rejoice! Here in Portland, there’s pizza for you, too! While several pizza places in Portland can accommodate vegan requests, there’s nothing quite like Hammy’s Pizza. Hammy’s vegan slice of pizza is so loaded with veggies, that even non-vegans won’t miss the cheese on this Portland pizza slice. Another perk: Hammy’s delivers until 4am.

best pizza in portland oregon

Oasis Cafe

There’s something to be said for ingenuity, which makes Oasis Café our final pizza slice joint on this list. In a city that embraces playing with (your) food, it only makes sense to celebrate Oasis’s by-the-slice pizza that builds inventive slices with toppings like walnut, zucchini, blue cheese, and pineapple, all rolled into a delicious thick-crust slice.

best pizza in portland oregon

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