best desserts in portland

Best Desserts in PDX: 5 Iconic Treats You Can’t Miss

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Portland’s Top 5 Desserts You Need to Experience

Portland’s food scene all too often becomes a bit of a hype machine. We’re a city that has embraced trendiness in almost every aspect of our daily lives, and sometimes it’s good to keep it simple, especially when it comes to sweet things. The desserts on this list aren’t necessarily new or trendy, they’re just really, really good. Do yourself a favor and experience each of them at least once.

Key Lime Pie from Bipartisan Cafe

Montavilla’s Bipartisan Cafe is a community-centered coffee shop with some of the best pie you’ll find anywhere, and their key lime is exceptionally good.

best desserts in portland

Honey Bee Milkshake from Lateshake

It’s milkshakes, at night. Lateshake is pop-up milkshake bar that opens it’s doors every Friday and Saturday inside of Dapper and Wise’s Division Street location. Their Honey Bee shake is nothing short of a masterpiece, made with local honey, bee pollen, and Jacobson’s sea salt.

best desserts in portland

Butterscotch Pudding from Irving St. Kitchen

Known for elevated Americana cuisine that’s innovative yet authentic, Irving St. Kitchen has truly created something special with their butterscotch pudding. It’s just as rich and creamy as you would expect, but the layer of velvety house made caramel that tops the pudding itself is what sets this dish apart.

best desserts in portland

Dipped Cones from Wiz Bang Bar

Perfectly Instagram-able, these colorful cones from Salt & Straw’s soft serve concept Wiz Bang Bar more than deliver on the flavor and texture of a classic soft serve experience, with the added bonus of unique flavor offerings like Roasted Strawberry Coconut, Elderflower Lemon, and Hibiscus Sherbet.

best desserts in portland

Banana Cake from New Seasons Bakery

Despite any preconceptions that you may hold when it comes to grocery store bakeries, New Seasons‘ Banana Cake is a pastry triumph. If you haven’t experienced it yet, make it a priority.

best desserts in portland

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