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The Best Coffee Blogs Worth Knowing About From PDX and Beyond

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best coffee blogs

Following the Latest in Coffee News & More

If you love coffee, and chances are strong that you do if you reside in the often gray and rainy Pacific Northwest, then you probably love nothing more than to read about your favorite beverage. Looking at delicious images of latte art, reading about new trends in the world of Fair Trade and organic coffee, learning about coffee recipes and uses you may never have heard of — this is the stuff of the best coffee blogs around the Internet.

In this post, we run down some of the most interesting and informative coffee blogs, bringing you the latest and greatest information on the beverage we hold dearest. From Portland blogs and beyond, you’re definitely going to want to check out a few of these amazing coffee bloggers.


You’ll likely find this one on the short list of several articles about note-worthy coffee blogs. Sprudge offers a bevy of up to the minute coffee news items, together with great articles that entertain and inform. Beautiful images and great writing conspire to make this one to pay attention to.

Dear Coffee, I Love You

Dear Coffee, I Love You is the brainchild of Brian W. Jones, author and guru of the brown bean. According to the site, “Dear Coffee, I Love You is a design driven resource for coffee lovers around the world. DCILY has published articles, commentary and reviews that focus on the intersection of coffee, culture, creativity and design since 2009.” Definitely worth the visit.

Exotic Bean Coffee Blog

You won’t believe how much information has been stored at this blog, one that’s likely and unfortunately overlooked in the world of coffee. Driven by Michael Kennedy, the country’s first official direct trade importer of the “world’s most sustainable coffee,” you’ll discover everything from great dessert recipes and coffee pairings, to the latest information on the fight for fair trade, shade grown coffee. Looking to widen your scope of coffee flavors? Why not try some beans from SE Asia?

Daily Coffee News from Roast

Daily Coffee News offers just what its name suggests: all the coffee news, globally sourced, that’s fit to print. With headlines like: “Dunkin’ Donuts Dipping Into the Craft Beer World With Second Brewery Collaboration” and “‘Raisin Process’ Coffee From Brazil Breaks Cup of Excellence Price Record at $126/lb.,” you can probably tell that this is for serious coffee lovers, indeed. Think you may have missed something in the world of coffee? Just check in at Daily Coffee News, because it’s sure to be written about there.

Nossa Familia

The Nossa Familia brand of coffee beans blog features tons of insight and information into this truly noteworthy brand. The site notes that “Nossa Familia’s purpose is to deliver delicious farm-direct coffee and create positive relationships locally and globally,” and the blog is the best place to hear about up-to-the-minute reports on how that mission is being implemented in the world.

Coffee For Less Coffee Blog

The east coast wholesaler has a serious stake in the game of coffee blogging, as you’ll quickly discover when you first visit the Coffee for Less blog. Want to know about all of the names of coffee shop hangouts from your favorite TV shows? Need a quick and thorough guide of how to trouble shoot issues with your Keurig machine? Curious about the effects of climate change on the coffee industry? You’ll find all that and more here.

Coava Coffee Roasters Blog

At Coava Coffee Roasters blog, you’ll find serious articles for serious coffee lovers. Want to know about density separations of single origin specialty coffee? Always wanted to know why decaf coffee doesn’t quite taste as good? It’s written about here.

Bipartisan Cafe Coffee Blog

At the Bipartisan Cafe coffee blog, there’s a whole lot going on. Featuring perhaps (arguably) the best pies being made in PDX, the blog hosted on the cafe’s website is a treasure trove of coffee insight and information, featuring everything from best coffee recipes, coffee drinks the U.S. Presidents enjoyed, to Portland’s most noteworthy coffee-related non-profits. And tons of great articles on pies!

Stumptown Coffee Blog

Several years ago, the Stumptown brand broke out of PDX and became a national phenom. If you’ve been living or dying by this coffee, then you’ll want to know about every move they make, and you can learn all about it on their blog.

Portland Roasting Coffee Blog

Updated once per month with interesting content, the blog kept by Portland Roasting Coffee features insightful pieces about all things coffee, including World Water Day info, Portland Roasting Coffee’s trips overseas, and various countries where beans are sourced from.

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