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12 of the Most Instagram-Worthy Sweets and Snacks in PDX

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Where to ‘Gram Your Cake and Eat It Too in Portland

It’s no secret that Portland is a foodie mecca – and when it comes to sweets, Portland’s culinary artists set the bar pretty high. So stop posting pictures of Blue Star Donuts and Salt & Straw Ice Cream (we get it, they’re tasty!); it’s time to branch out and try Portland’s 12 most Instagram-worthy sweets and snacks that are as photogenic as they are delicious.

Can Font’s LaLola

Can Font is the new kid on the block – well, new to Portland anyway. A spin-off of Barcelona’s Michelin guide restaurant, the Portland Can Font is already garnering rave reviews for its upscale desserts. The Cream Catalina is a crowd favorite, but opt for a more unique social media post by snapping a picture of the decadent almond breton sablé LaLola.

Cheese & Crack’s Soft Serve

Who said you can’t find an Instagram-worth dessert on a budget? Cheese & Crack’s soft serve is an easy favorite, as this team always serves soft serve with flair. Most recently, Cheese & Crack doled out edible glitter dusted soft serve and soft serve and cereal flight. Let’s just say we had Instagram envy.

Espresso Dust. Matcha Dust. Beet Dust. Strawberry Dust. ?

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Q’s Lavender Lemon Cake

Veritable Quandary’s successor, Q, churns out desserts as beautiful as its predecessor once did. Now that summer is here, stop by Q to try its lavender lemon cake: with orange blossom honey, poppy seeds, frozen yogurt, and almond brittle, it doesn’t get tastier or prettier than this.

Little Bird Bistro’s Chocolate Rye Cake

Dear lord, Little Bird’s cake is pretty! With “smokey mocha ice cream, hazelnut sabayon, cappuccino cream, chocolate rye crumb,” we didn’t event blink at the $11 price point. And with all the likes a post of this cake is sure to get on Instagram, it’s worth it.

Hunnymilk’s… Anything

Hunnymilk is the perfect place to have guilt-free dessert for breakfast. With a menu that offers a drink, something sweet, and something savory for $20, how can you say no to a little bit of indulgence? Current offerings include floating island french toast with lemon-orange curd, and blueberry cheesecake waffles dipped in honey butter.


Petunia’s Double Chocolate Cake

Petunia’s proves that vegan desserts can be just as delicious, and as aesthetically pleasing, as any other treat. For maximum Instagram likes, grab a slice of the double chocolate cake: “chocolate cake, pink cream cheese frosting & shimmer.”

We are now open until 9 on Thursdays! Come see us tonight, the best way to end your day is with cake. #cake #vegan #glutenfree

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Chalino’s Roasted Pineapple Ice Cream

This NE Portland upscale restaurant is serving a dessert that out-rivals the joint’s dinner options. The awe-dropping roasted pineapple ice cream boasts mezcal dulce de leche and toasted pepitas that are worthy of your Instagram habits.

@chalinopdx Roasted Pineapple Ice cream with Mezcal Carmel. Rum-soaked Horchata Chocolate Cake. ??? #eaterpdx #pdxeats #pdxnow

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Sweedeedee’s Lemon Curd Tart

Sweedeedee, the twee bakery known for its pies, is a social media dream. The interior is tasteful with minimal charm, and the desserts are straight out of a magazine. Introduce your Instagram feed to the lemon curd tart – with fresh plum and edible flowers, your tastebuds will be as happy as your followers.

Lemon tart with mango and spring blossoms. Come quick before they sell out! ✨?

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Castagna’s Potato Skin Meringues

In what might be Portland’s most Instagram-worthy dessert, Castagna’s potato skin meringues prove that dessert, too, can be elevated to art. These airy, smoked-sugar treats look more like sculptures than your average dessert, but that’s what makes them so captivating. And yes, the potato skin ice cream dessert is delectable.

Signature move ???

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Citizen Baker’s Pop-Tarts

This bakery’s tender and buttery pop-tarts put any recollections of a childhood pop-tart to shame. Light and flakey, these “fall apart in your mouth” pastries are divine.

Holdfast’s Cornbread Madeleines

Holdfast’s menu may be ever-changing, but one menu items remains constant: the cornbread madeleines. Talked about in hushed tones, these tasty treats are accompanied with delicately grated parmesan cheese and honeycomb. It’s a beautiful combination in every sense of the word.

Just a few hundred madeleines getting baked off for #feastpdx #nightmarket #holdfastdining #pdxeats #foodporn

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180’s Xurros and Xocolata

What could round out a list of Portland’s most Instagramable treats better than a perfect end of meal dessert: Xurros and Xocolata!? Lightly dusted in cinnamon and sugar, when these xurros are accompanied by drinking chocolate, it’s nothing short of perfection.

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