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5 Comedians You Absolutely Can’t Miss at the 2017 Bridgetown Comedy Festival

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Portland’s Iconic Stand-Up Comedy Festival Returns

The 10th annual Bridgetown Comedy Festival returns to Portland May 4th-7th, featuring an staggering lineup of over 100 talented comedians. While the sheer volume of the lineup is impressive, many of the showtimes overlap one another and occur at various venues around town, making it virtually impossible to see each and every performer on this year’s roster. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the 5 performers you can’t miss (and some of our favorite things they’ve worked on in the past) at this year’s Bridgetown Comedy Festival.

1. Jonah Ray

Known for:

Check out Jonah Ray’s Bridgetown showtimes here.

2. Kyle Kinane

Known for:

Check out Kyle Kinane’s Bridgetown showtimes here.

3. Brent Weinbach

Known for:

Check out Brent Weinbach’s Bridgetown showtimes here.

4. Eugene Mirman

Known for:

Check out Eugene Mirman’s Bridgetown showtimes here.

5. Karen Kilgariff

Known for:

Check out Karen Kilgariff’s Bridgetown showtimes here.

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